Rent (buy) a yacht and leave your worries in the port

We can guess your perfect weekend. It involves a ship, open sea and few friends and girls (or a wife). Fulfilling this dream is hard, as yachts cost too much money, and their value drops a lot in a short time.

Buy a boat and sail every day or rent it for occasional cruises

Buying a yacht is a big commitment. If you are rich, then you can purchase a brand new boat and pay minimum expenses to keep it in perfect state. But the majority of the people don’t have that kind of money. Those people opt for a used yacht.

boatA used boat can be a money pit if you buy it without a detailed inspection. The best way to purchase a ship is to hire someone that can inspect it and calculate future costs. Maintenance might go sky-high, but the first-day repairs are also an issue. Best case scenario is to buy a boat that wasn’t on a sea for a long time. It might cost more than other used yachts, but the repairs will be minimal.

If you are a person that will spend a lot of time on the sea, then you should buy a boat. Renting it every week will cost you more.

Buying a used boat is one option, rental is another. Both options are viable, and it all falls to you and the extent of time you want to spend on the sea. People that like periodic (once a month) cruises should use rental companies.

Renting a yacht isn’t cheap, but it is a smart move for those that sail rarely. Buying a boat, just to cruise once a month, is a bad investment. Renting a yacht for this kind of a journey will save you a lot of money.

People that live in Florida have it easy. If you want to rent a yacht, then contact one of the companies from Miami. A Miami company with premium yacht rentals will give you an offer you won’t refuse.

Buying versus renting a yacht

Renting a boat is cheaper, but the costs may build up if you keep on doing that every week. A ship may be a significant investment, but with proper maintenance, it can fetch a good resale price.

If you are new to sailing, then you might want to rent, once or twice. That will tell you whether the sailing is for you, or not. Those that do like sailing should purchase a boat. The feeling that you get from being on an open sea on your boat beats everything else.


The transport of equipment is a big thing. When you rent a yacht, you have to load it all before the trip. This takes a lot of time, and you end up being tired throughout the journey. If you own your boat, then you can load the equipment and leave it there for several cruises.

It all comes down to you and eventually to the size of your wallet.

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