Facing the ocean with a cruising boat

Two different types of people, who like cruising, exist. People that like short-range cruises where they stay close to the coast and people that like the open sea. These two types of sailing are different, and due to that various types of people enjoy them. Long-range sailors are considered as tougher, and that is true due to the mental and physical skills they need.

Boat and the crew

best-sailboat-hallberg-rassy-42The boat and the crew are two major subjects for those who prefer cruising the high seas and oceans. As an owner and the leader of the journey, you have to provide a boat that is safe for sailing on the open sea. You are also the one that picks the crew of your ship, and this part of the preparations is crucial.

The three basic things in a boat purchase are the size, time and cost. The size of the vessel determines the price of the same. A large ship will require bigger investments and more crew. All of those things cost money. You can buy an older boat to save some money, but you will have to spend more on making it sea-ready. And don’t forget the food and other equipment. None of that comes with a boat you buy.

The larger crew will require more food and other things which will drain your budget. You will have to calculate the costs before you sail out of the port. Having to cut the cruise short due to lack of supplies isn’t something you would want to happen.

Your family or your friends might not be the best crew for your voyage. Going on a cruise with the family or friends is something we all want, but keep those travels short. Friends are a viable crew for long journeys, but they have to be able to perform some sailing tasks. Going on a long cruise with people who aren’t enthusiastic about it will ruin the cruise for everyone. Avoid those people, even if they are members of your family.

Advice on the boat purchase

Acquisition of the ship is a big step as it costs a lot of money. You have three choices when it comes to purchase, and you can buy a new or used boat, or you can buy a custom ship. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages.

A lot of new and affordable boats filled the market in last several years. Buying a new bot for a long cruise was never a real option, until the last year or a two. If you opt for this, then be sure to buy a boat that is fully outfitted.


You can buy a decent used boat with full equipment for a small portion of its original cost. Be sure to check the state of the ship before you buy it.

Buying a custom boat is never a smart thing. Custom ships may need a lot of additional work, which means that you will invest too much money in it.


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